Node is up and functional.

Here is the first node on the network!

Happy to announce Growing has commenced again once more on this project. Please join in today!

To grow using the wallet available on github, just download the zip and unzip it to a local directory. Once you run kushcoin-qt, go to the –>help menu, –>Debug Window–>and under the console tab

Here you can control most all of kushcoin’s features.

If you have the .conf file from github it should automatically connect to at least one node. if it is not connecting, you can use the addnode command in this command promt.

If everything is connected and updated, you can type this in the command line to start growing using your cpu.

setgenerate true -1

This will make all cores start growing, -1 tells it to use all available cores. You can put any number there to limit the number of cores used, like just 2 without the -.

Using various mining programs you can use GPU’s or whatever your heart desires. That is for a more advanced discussion though.




4 thoughts on “Node is up and functional.”

  1. Oh I see, you’re the guys who stole the old KushCoin code, created a new github with no commits and are trying to act like this is your project.

    Go fuck yourselves.

    1. Wait what?
      I am the original developer of Kushcoin…
      January 2014.
      What are you talking about.
      If you were involved in the original release this is still that and your coins should be fine.
      I’d be happy to sign a block to prove it.

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