The original KushCoin is back!

Today we finally have the perfect climate to reintroduce KushCoin. Ahead of its time by just a few years, the wonderful concept did not make it outside of the traditional bitcoin community originally. Now, with things the way they are, people understand crypto currency so much more!

So I decide to go and dig up a few of my old projects (and luckily enough a few random coins) one of which was KushCoin. I proceed to check the GitHub (, and nothing different from the first drop in 2014. I then head over to the forum to log into my account user name¬† “BitMonkey” that I introduced KushCoin through, just to find that it has been compromised. Its very unfortunate, and I have informed the moderator about it. So I created a new account “REALKUSHCOINISBACK” and for now that is what I will be using over on the forum.

Now a team of talented professionals from both the world of crypto currency and the booming cannabis industry have come together to help support and advance the original KushCoin project. Please stay tuned for the next update. In the upcoming messages we will be introducing our Board/Staff, Giveaways, Walkthrough Guides, and maybe some new features in line to be implemented.



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