Who are you?

We are the original KushCoin cryptocurrency. Released in January of 2014 on github (www.github.com/kushcoin/kushcoin). The original vision to offer a way for cannabis transactions to occur outside the realm of traditional financial structures.

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KushCoin is backed by the same blockchain technology used in the worlds leading crypto currencies. Utilizing SCRYPT algorithm allows for a more even playing field for people who want to "grow" (commonly known as mining) KushCoins.

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Everyone wants to get involved, but how? There are many ways to participate. You can use computing power to "grow" your own KushCoins. You can accept KushCoins for goods and services. You can run a full node to increase the network's reliability. You can simply install a wallet and start using them for all purposes.


The message of KushCoin


So many hard working Americans are being turned away from traditional banking options due to their legal participation in the cannabis industry, and to us that is an issue.

KushCoin is a revolutionary tool that allows for the transfer of value between two parties, without any third party interaction. A user of KushCoin can transfer any amount without scrutiny. Also, their accounts cannot be frozen for any reason.

Growing these coins utilizes SCRYPT algorithm, so a GPU is still very effective. We encourage everyone to start mining the coin!!

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